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Milestone Geocoin and Tag Set - 300 Finds

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Celebrate your milestones! 

Geocaching is a game of adventure, exploration, community and statistics!

This set includes an impressive geocoin to keep in your collection and a trackable tag to send out to explore the world!  Each have their own unique code so that your geocoin can be discovered in your collection while you watch your tag move from cache to cache. 

    Each set includes the 300 Finds Geocoin and a 300 finds companion travel tag. Each have a unique tracking code and are trackable at

    Dimensions: The geocoin is approximately 2.17 inches (55 mm) in diameter, and the tag is approximately 1.57 inches (40 mm) in diameter.

    For Engraving: 

    • There is a 35 character limit
    • The Engraving can be on 1 or 2 lines
    • There is a maximum of 20 characters on line 1 and 15 characters on line 2
    • Our suggestion is the first line is the user name and the second line has the GC code and the date
    • Please allow up to 1 week from time of order before shipping for engraving
    • Orders with multiple engraved items may take longer

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