Making Tracks - Kits (Cache and Carry Trackables and Swag)

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These Making Tracks 'Cache & Carry Swag and Trackables' kits are great for stocking caches, and for keeping your trackables in order. Store your own swag items in the fabric bag and attach it to your caching bag with the easy clip carabiner.  Keep everything for maintaining trackables in the other bag. Stock up on both and save!

When you find wayward trackables items you can put them into clean baggies if necessary, give them new mission cards and send them out again. If you come across a geocaching that is missing a pencil, you can replace it. The kits are all Making tracks branded swag/trade items, and are everything you need for a day out caching!

Swag Kit Includes:

  • 'Cache & Carry Swag' Denier fabric bag
  • 1 MT pin in copper
  • 1 MT pin in black paint
  • 1 MT bracelet painted
  • 1 MT bracelet unpainted
  • 1 MT zipper pull
  • 1 MT patch in camo green
  • 1 MT patch in camo brown
  • 1 10-pack MT tattoos
  • 1 MT carabiner
  • 5 Geocacher Pencils
  • 5 4x6 poly zip bags
  • 5 3x5 poly zip bags

Trackables Kit includes:

  • 'Cache & Carry Trackables' Denier fabric bag
  • 1 MT trackable tag
  • 1 MT carabiner
  • 10 PVC coin pouches
  • 10 MT mission cards
  • 5 4x6 poly zip bags
  • 5 3x5 poly zip bags

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