FireTape™ Trail Ribbon for Night Caches

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FireTape™ is made from a virtually indestructible two-ply prismatic high florescent plastic. FireTape™ has hook/loop (Velcro) on each end, sewn (not glued) on for strength. Strips can be "chained" together for larger trees or posts.

FireTape™ is removable, reusable and washable, season after season. Or just leave it outside - it is TOUGH stuff. FireTape™ is visible during daylight as well as brilliantly reflective at night or in low light. You need fewer FireTape™ strips per distance then common trail tape because of their great visibility.


NEW Killer Bee

Florescent yellow/green blends into the woods while being Hi-Vis at the same time, super bright at night.


Florescent orange, highly visible during the day and fire bright at night.

Hot Blaze

Hot, florescent orange, tweaked to be even more visible at all times of day and night.

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